American Home Life International (AHLI)

It all started with Japanese students being hosted by Ruth Powers as long ago as 1972. After registering as non-profit in 1991, AHLI has now welcomed over 15,000+ students to the US from over 21 countries across the world.

AHLI prides itself on offering safe and caring host families and academic programmes throughout the US with full support services for all students on academic year or short-term programmes. They offer over 140 Private elementary, Middle school, High schools and Public schools who partner with AHLI together with several Community colleges and English Language Schools. The choice is huge!

They also proudly offer Homestay Immersion/Homestay Tutoring for groups or individuals and Summer Camps (ESL/TOEFL Summer Camps; Creativity Adventure Camp; Ecology Drama Camp; Agent Designed Group Programmes) 

AHLI can help with school applications, I-20 document processing, offer monthly student reports, help with tuition payments, English language learning support, and so much more.

You can read the brochure here.

AHLI Education-Counseling.jpg


  • Profile assessment for F1 visa students

  • Recommendations on suitable middle/high schools 

  • Liaison with selected schools for student placement

  • School and AHLI application processing

  • Skype interview arrangements

  • I-20 and letter of acceptance for visa application

  • College admission counseling and application assistance

  • Student health insurance

AHLI Academic-Cultural-Programs.jpg


  • High school programs for international students

  • Middle and high school programs for F1 visa students

  • Community college associate degree programs

  • General English and Business English programs

  • School immersion experience for individuals or groups

  • Summer ESL/TOEFL preparation, leadership and sports camps

  • Homestay immersion/tutoring programs

  • Custom-designed short-term programs

AHLI Homestay.jpg


  • Student placement in Christian homestay or residential housing

  • Background check, home visit and interview with host families

  • Support for a safe and secure home environment

  • Balanced meals, bedroom, transportation

  • Host family activities involving student

  • Opportunities for English language and cultural immersion

  • 24/7 support for host family and student